h) The Paradigms We Will Focus On Changing

(In draft…more will be posted as the dialog unfolds)

All paradigms have a classic ‘S’ curve; eventually you reach the top of that curve and the solutions that worked before don’t work anymore…American capitalism has reached the top of its curve and is hitting the classic stall point that all paradigms hit before they collapse. We’re headed toward a similar ending as the Soviet Union experienced if we’re not careful. Their economy didn’t collapse because they had the wrong ideology; it collapsed because their paradigm was worn out and they didn’t evolve forward to deal with the tough fiscal realities of an over-the-hill system. Our ‘free market’ paradigm is also worn out; just look at the current economic landscape—it’s over heated and coming apart—not that different than the final days of the USSR. Ideological rhetoric isn’t going to fix our problems; more of the same isn’t going to fix anything; waving the flag isn’t going to fix what’s broken.

It’s time someone blew the whistle to call a timeout while there’s still something left to work with. I’ve made my living for thirty years providing transformational leadership in some very desperate situations. The road to recovery starts by getting everyone’s attention and then convincing them that their current paradigm is a sinking ship…getting them focused on a new future with different mantras and new drum beats.

Fixing American Capitalism & Re-regulating Wall Street

Fixing Social Security

Fixing Health Care–Both Public & Private

Fixing The Democratic Process–Getting Behind Our Elected Leaders

Balancing The Budget

Fast Job Creation & Re-socializing The Workforce


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