SF Chronicle Headlline 11/22/11: Tobacco Lawsuit


Philip Morris is suing the Australian government for their efforts to make smoking less attractive to the young and thus reduce the long-term costs to their public healthcare system. This is another global corporate titan putting greed and profit above public health and welfare. Here’s a wake-up for Philips Morris. Healthcare here in the USA is one of our biggest social challenges yet to be addressed, with healthcare costs in the meantime spiraling out of control. If smoking were eliminated entirely, it would probably reduce those costs by at least a third within the first year, and greatly attenuate the exponential out-year increases. In the very near future we should see the following choice being placed before American voters: given the choice between a) ever increasing taxation and employee contributions to cover healthcare,  or b) simply eliminating the sale of tobacco products, at least in this country…which does the public chose?

To get through the labyrinth of problems that need to be resolved, we’re going to be presenting the American public with some really tough choices. It will be a true test of American democracy: does the majority really rule this country for the periods they’re elected to serve, and the entire nation gets behind them, or does the loser do everything they can to undermine the majority and defeat our democratic processes…the future of our nation rides on the answer to that question.

NY Times Headline 11/22/11: Trustee Says More Cash Is Missing at MF Global


Another bruise on Wall Street and all the legislators who since 1980 have systematically removed all the controls from banking and the capital markets…screams for re-regulation…bring back Glass-Stiegel.

NY Times headline 11/22/11: Greenberg Sues US Over AIG Takeover


What do you do for your next act when you’re a titan of Wall Street and became one of the richest men on earth by leading your company to ruin, almost single handedly bringing down the US economy, causing the Federal government to intervene at huge taxpayer expense? Why of course, you sue the Fereral government for their actions and dive even deeper into taxpayer pockets. Every taxpayer has a right to take this to their individual States Attorney Generals to have them, either individually or collectively, pursue Mr Greenberg and his prior board for any financial misfortune their prior actions or inactions may have caused the fair citizens of their State. Get the idea? What are you waiting for?