m) Who Is Going To Fix It?

Here’s the bad news: The solutions won’t come from the current generation of economists, lawyers, legislators, etc—they’re locked into the current paradigms and can’t see beyond the rules and rhetoric they’ve been taught were the truth. They’re Copernicans, trained to believe that the universe (capitalism) revolves around the sun (Wall Street) and all other rules of our physical universe have been distorted to fit into that model. The solutions being thrown around demonstrate the point, all serving special interests—sucker bate for the general public. They stir up emotions and keep us all arguing and chasing the wrong things:

1) Putting billions into stimulus packages hoping that in five years time it might have a positive effect…News Flash: it just fuels the next tier in the Wall Street pyramid/Ponzi scheme.

2) Further deregulation on the speculative activities that got us into this mess in the first place…News Flash: do you really want to take the few remaining shackles off of Wall Street making the looting of pension funds and public monies even that much easier?

3) Sacrificing basic human services like Education, Medicare and Social Security…News Flash: these services are what define any civilized society, without them, what are we…what have we become?

4) Etc.

It will take all of us sacrificing equally and pulling together to get this country back on track to greatness again. The way forward needs to be a no fault process, or we won’t be able to get everyone’s engagement. We need to be resolving the problems…not continue fighting each other…we need to deal with the crabs in our basket on all sides of the aisle (see the John Donovan story).

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