f) The Current Paradigms: What You Need To Know

Every day I hear politicians and titans of industry saying things to the American public that blame others for problems they themselves created, and holding others responsible for things that are entirely within their area of job responsibility—things we pay them to do—-especially Congress as regards their responsibility to generate revenue and budget expenses. They get away with it because over the past four decades they’ve systematically removed the study of civics, the rights and duties of citizenship, from public education curriculum. The effect has been to render the public ignorant, giving politicians the ultimate power within our society. We can’t win it back through continued civic ignorance or civic indifference…civic disobedience isn’t the answer either. Getting educated on what everyone’s roles and responsibilities should be and holding those individuals accountable is the starting point. The links below are just a few that are available on-line; they’re quick, easy, and fun to watch. It’s also important to fully understand the current Paradigms before engaging in a search and eventual transition to new target Paradigms—what we’ll call social re-engineering—you must move from a ‘known’ which is fully understood by all stakeholders to a ‘known’ which is your new target Paradigm; one you all have a stake in and have agreed to pursue. If you don’t fully understand the Paradigm you’re having a problem with, and why it isn’t working anymore, you  just end up wandering in the wilderness and may end up with something far worse than the mess you started out to fix. Please put in an hour or two doing the civics and paradigm refreshers so we’re all equally equipped to participate in the dialog—common language and fact base are important—it synchronizes the dialog, a critical first step in paradigm pioneering.

Role Of Congress (Their Responsibilities)

Role Of The Executive Branch (The President’s Duties)

Role Of The Judicial Branch  

The History Of  Deregulation

Deficit and the Debt Ceiling

Our Government’s Financial Condition

Social Security Intro

FICA Tax Intro

Medicare Sustainability





















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