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This web site is intended as an open forum for people affected by today’s economic crisis—those whose voices have been silent until now, and now they want to get actively engaged in a constructive way. This forum’s primary purpose is meaningful dialog, an exchange of information and ideas, followed up with action.

What I will offer the group are pressing questions, and a process for precipitating significant change…and yes, I have some ideas, as you do, and look forward to a meaningful exchange. Please feel free to engage in comment on anything you find on the site, or anything going on in America that puts your stomach in a knot. I will endeavor to always respond with what I feel is the truth, even if it goes against the political tides and conventional wisdom.

When we finally find the right path, you’ll know it, it will stand out as a very bright line for everyone to follow—a bright line you won’t see in any of the rhetoric currently flooding all the media channels. So treat this site as an open journal and come back often. I’ll try to add more substance, if not daily, at least weekly. Thanks for joining me on this journey, adding your voice, your thoughts, and your energy—much appreciated!

Warm regards,

Roy Camblin

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  1. My job was elinimated in 09-09 since then I have worked several temporary jobs and have found that my biggest obstacle is age, no one will hire an over 50 worker.

    • Joyce, I’ll be 65 in another month (the new 40) and am in the same boat…I feel your pain and, with your help, plan to do something about it. Thanks for your engagement! I added some more content to section g) today…please make comment and let me know what you think.

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