e) Ideas and Immediate Action Items For Changing Our Paradigms

I am going to nest individual action items under this Page as separate comments so the dialog can occur vertically on each item.

4 thoughts on “e) Ideas and Immediate Action Items For Changing Our Paradigms

  1. Want to see an immediate scramble by corporate America to bring off-shore jobs back? Call every customer service number for every relationship you have (banks, credit cards, telecom providers, computer manufacturers, etc) and ask two fundamental questions of the agent you’re speaking with “1) are you a US citizen and 2) are you sitting in the USA”—if the answer to either question is ‘no’, then find a company or institution that can honestly answer ‘yes’ to both questions and move your business to those institutions. Overnight jobs will come flooding back as companies rush to be on the leading edge of that movement…taking customers away from everyone else…using the normal competitive dynamics of capitalism to achieve positive social effect. Go…the clock is ticking!

  2. The silent majority in each of their individual constituencies need to start recall drives on the twelve members of the Congressional Budget Super Committee that failed to do their jobs. Even if the recalls aren’t successful, it will send a powerful message that’s immediate and doesn’t have to wait on government to act upon itself. Go…the clock is ticking!

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