2 thoughts on “r) The Path Back To Prosperity and Restoring National Pride

  1. Your presentation would be great with a panel of government and private sector experts on your topic. You touched on and articulated just about everything that makes and destroys business enterprise today. What a shame it is that the private sector and government haven’t found a way to avoid today’s problems by preparing people for work, and keeping them in the workplace. I believe in business it starts at the top, when CEO’s and Boards do what’s “right”, while building cultures of accountability, trust and performance. While easier said than done, it boils down to “pigs get fat, and hogs get slaughtered”. In the long run, everyone wins when right things are done right, otherwise, everything else is unnecessary cost, unemployment, defaults, broken families and an uncertain economy.

    Wish I had all of the answers, but here are some basics to drill down on. Thank you for your thoughtful presentation. It’s a great start to feeding the minds of those who really care about the future of our great country. Let’s keep it “great”!

  2. Got to change the way we educate our youth
    In the later part of the 18th century Napoleon realized that his army was unable to execute the complex warfare he came up with. Quickly he understood that the recruits needed to be better trained and developed what some consider the foundation of today’e education system. A few years later Bismarck facing similar challenges on his attempts to build a national army as he consolidated the Teutonic nations; he took Napoleon’s system to a new level of sophistication. Today, one of my clients is looking for a competent quality assurance engineer; after 3 months it settled on 3 foreigners who barely speak english, but are technically competent. America is facing a Napoleonic / Bismarckian moment, its education system has been failing to educate our youth for today’s jobs; this is a national disaster, much more serious the the threat of the Iranias developing a military nuclear capability. At the same time we see special interests routinely and systematically condemn our youth to oblivion by eliminating programs that are working but are against their interests. The path to the solution of our chronic joblessness passes thru a fundamental change of our vision for how we want to prepare our youth for the future and of how we execute this vision.

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