Conversation With A European About Our Current Primary-01

A friend in Paris made the following observation: “If you really listen to the current Republican candidates outside of the debates, I mean really listen, they all make some good points. But at the same time, each one is so fatally flawed that none will ever be electable in a broader general election.”

She then posed this question: “Out of the 55 million registered Republics, how is it that this is the best they could come up with?” That question consumed the remainder of the dinner conversation. It may or may not have any foundation in fact, but here’s one theory that was discussed:

Wall Street PAC money now dwarfs all other PACs combined. That gives them the power to manipulate and control both political parties at the same time. Wall Street doesn’t really care which party wins, so long as the incumbent will best serve Wall Street profits. It was her belief that Obama had been hand-picked by Wall Street from the grimy machine of Chicago politics and brought forward to give the Democrats a round in the White House. Obama’s done a good job for Wall Street profits, so he’ll get another term…the weak field of Republican candidates is just part of the plan! Regardless of which party wins, unless something changes radically, Wall Street is in complete control of our political system and we can look forward to four more years of obscene profiteering.

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